Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Semi-stalking Veronica Mars

I'm updating the LA version of Test Pattern every day with my reports from the TV Critics' meetings.

The CW update includes "Gilmore Girls" dish and my semi-stalking of "Veronica Mars." Plus: Chris Rock!

If you're reading this on Wednesday, the CW update will still be there, but it will be topped off with the ABC update. Taye Diggs! Salma Hayek! Ted Danson! My TV Critics' press tour drinking game!

Please check it out. I hope to add regular PCJM linkage this week, but the days have been jammed.


Kel said...

Veronica, new series regular Tina, Logan, Wallace, and bully Dick Casablancas will all be Hearst students..

Wait, is there a character named Tina, or do you mean Tina Majorino? If it's the latter, I'm thrilled! I love Mac.

reno said...

Hello Gael !

I like very much your blog !

Best regards from Brussels...Belgium !


SeaBoy said...

I do love me some VM! I hope they get to do all 22 eps this season!