Monday, August 07, 2006

Here comes the @$#^!

Oh, "Bridezillas" had the absolute bitchiest bride on this weekend. I thought Milena looked lovely and had a beautiful wedding venue, and she obviously had cash (spending $110,000 on her Florida wedding).

But she was so awful: Swearing constantly and snapping at her poor mom were only the beginning. At the wedding itself, her mother-in-law and sister-in-law were 90 minutes late -- pretty stressful, yes. But the words that poured out of her mouth about them on national was just embarrassing. Then she grabbed the mike at the reception and apologized for the delay and said “That WILL be handled, believe me,” while her groom actually said to her “shut up.”

There was also a $10,000 dance troupe at the wedding. They looked like understudies from the musical CATS.

But in this Miami Herald article about her, she doesn't appear to get it, even now.

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PJ in Penticton said...

From the Miami Herald: "...the producers of Bridezillas insist the show is not about brides gone very, very bad.

" 'The show's not about awful brides. It's about the way these brides go about making their most important day perfect,' Roseanne Lopopolo, executive editor of Bridezillas, wrote in an email..."

Oh?? Then why is your show called Bridezillas? Get real.