Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Stupid and stupider

When I linked to a bunch of Stupid Comics, I somehow overlooked this one, featuring pages and panels from some really stupid romance comics.

I have to link to it now, though, because it actually forced me to laugh out loud, not in the fictional LOL sense, but in the real, can't hold back the snort, sense. The line in question is almost at the bottom of the page: "Nothing ruins a nice date quite like a dead midget in your back seat, lemme tell you." It's just...they tried to draw a kid, but all they knew how to draw was a SHORT ADULT.

I have nothing against midgets, by the way, despite what this post and the one directly after it might lead you to believe.


Anonymous said...

Sorry for doing this in comments. . . . I'm getting married in November & we're planning our honeymoon for Japan. Much of the things you have listed are the exact reasons *why* we chose Japan. I would love to hear any favorites you recommend to us, including Ryoku suggestions. Is there any way for me to leave you my email (privately, I hate spam, too)? Many thanks, Ann M., NV

Gael said...

Ann M: Sure, just post another comment with your email address. I will reject the comment so no one sees it, but can write you back then.