Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Ay caramba!

For some reason, my TiVo is offering up a "South Park" episode description in Spanish, even though the episode it recorded is in English. It says: "Butters revela un oscura secreto familiar."

You can see why I took Spanish over German and French in high school; you don't even need to have taken it to translate that sentence. ("Oscura" might trip you up, it means "dark.:)


Talia said...

I don't know, I find French more closely resembles English. I actually only understood as much of that Spanish sentence as I did ("familiar" especially) because I've learned so much Italian. I think it bothers my family, who all had Spanish as their first language, but I don't like the sound of Spanish, and I've gotten so used to Italian that I now pronounce Spanish like Italian. ("Cielo" is 'chello' not 'cyello.')

Talia said...

Now I feel, for no real useful reason, like translating that into French and German. I'm not too good at either, but let's see.
So, we have: "Butters reveals a dark family secret" (or something along those lines.)

German: "Butters aufdekt einem dunkels Familien Geheimnis." (I'm sure I messed up something there. Anyway...)
French: "Butters revele un sinistre secret de famille." (I can't do the accents on this computer.)