Sunday, September 10, 2006


Hey, Liz and Granthony, just hanging out, talking about her near-rape, drinking coffee. It's almost like a General Foods International Coffees commercial. Ugh.

A couple thoughts:
1) Don't the quotes in the last panel seem switched, like saintly Liz should be wishing him off the streets, while protective Anthony should be wishing him dead?
2) Boy, Anthony doesn't need much of an excuse to come over and hang with Liz, does he? Where's Francoise? We all know she can't be with her baby-hating mama.
3) Howard's done "worse things" to other women, so we presume he IS a rapist. Doesn't speak very highly of landscaper Lawrence and his partner, does it, that they hired this guy and had him working alone with Liz? Brilliant human resources work, there.
4) Anthony's mustache. Caterpillar? Toothbrush? Liz's pants. Jeans? Capris? Floods? Liz's appearance. Ordinary and girllike (panel 3)? Or sex-kitten with collagen lips (panel 4)? I'm also bettin' on Anthony's stylin' prune-brown striped shirt to be made of velour. I can just tell.


t. said...

Funny how we haven't seen Liz talking to her boyfriend the COP about this. He might actually have some relevant advice...

Amanda said...

She is totally gearing up for Paul to hook up with that other teacher and Liz to fly into Anthony's arms and it makes me SO SAD. Because: LAME.