Tuesday, September 19, 2006

True-crime tale

For those of you who, like me, were fascinated by the case of Michael Peterson as told in two true-crime books and the BBC's fascinating "Staircase" multi-part documentary, you may be interested in this latest news from his case: The North Carolina State Court of Appeals has refused to overturn his conviction.

I don't think Peterson will ever get out of jail, but then, I'm pretty sure he's guilty of his wife's horrendously bloody murder. He certainly knows more than he's telling. I watched "The Staircase" over and over when I first got the series on DVD. Just fascinating, especially his two adopted daughters and their intense belief in his innocence. Many people believe the girls' birth mother was his first victim.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, when I watched it I was totally convinced of his innocence. The whole thing freaked me out because it was so easy to whip the community into a frenzy, and it made me realize how simple it is for the media to make anybody look guilty of anything. And I'll never forget that snarky prosecutor snarking "He is a fictional writer!" Really? You mean he's not really there?

Anyway, based on what we saw in the documentary I really felt that the earlier death was nothing more than coincidence and that there was a complete lack of concrete evidence. If I'd been on the jury, I wouldn't have voted guilty even if I thought he was because I thought all that the prosecution proved was that the guy was bisexual in the South.

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