Wednesday, September 06, 2006

X marks the great

I've had such a busy summer that I haven't kept up with one of my favorite Web sites of all time, X-Entertainment. Which is bad of me, but does give me the joy of being able to page back through the last few months and get caught up on gummy goodness.

Here, then, are a few of my favorite posts from Matt's recent oeuvre (and no, I cannot spell that word without looking it up).

--The Freddy Krueger board game. Freeze a cheerleader to death!

--Fizzing Lunchables! Because school lunch hasn't yet reached the maximum level of "horrendously unhealthy."

--Can it be? A Hostess product I have never heard of? Behold the Grizzly Chomp, my friend.

--Freaky goo-filled Bubbilicious Bursts. How have I not seen these before? It's Freshen-Up times ten!

--Loopy commercial for NYC hotel The Milford Plaza. Hey! I stayed here! Matt's right, it's no Waldorf (I've stayed there, too), but it's damn acceptable considering NY hotel prices. I did not know, however, that it was the LullaBUY of Broadway.

--And last but not least, the mega-Marshmallow Burger, which I recently spotted at Walgreen's and bought for myself and for my friend, Lisa. Boy, was it repulsive. (Sorry, Lisa!)


Sars said...

Damn you, Gael. That song is even stickier in the head than "Edelweiss." "And in the center of it ALL! Is the Milford PLA-ZAHHH!"

NYCGirl said...

I am so going to be singing that song all day. And "it's one part Seagram's, two parts fun!"