Sunday, October 08, 2006


Wow, Monday's "For Better or For Worse" is sure wordy.

--I continue to be freaked out at how Liz has turned into her mother.
--Despite her demure clothing and ponytail, it sure looks like Anthony is giving her the eye in the first panel
--I had to read this two or three times to figure out that it was supposed to have a joke in the last panel. OK, Marcia, "something suddenly came up."
--I hope you all get to see the color version! (Link above has it.) Don't you step on my hot red shoes!


PJ said...

That's a joke?!? I still fail to see the humour.

Talia said...

Man, I'm really starting to hope that Howard or whoever is going to hire an assassin to take down Anthony so he won't be able to testify at the trial, and thereby save us from this really obvious and grotesque romantic setup.

Really, Lynn Johnston! Surprise us! Don't take the path that it seems like this is really obviously leading up to! Let's have a bit of wit!

Anonymous said...

And now she's borrowing her mother's clothes, too. A brown sweater and a red skirt? What the?