Thursday, October 12, 2006

Keep circulating the tapes

Love this cassette tape generator. Remember when clear tapes came out? They were the hot new thing for a while, and the opaque tapes suddenly seemed so declasse.

I still have shoeboxes of tapes in my basement, lying in the limbo-land between technologies.


Talia said...

I have a big box of tapes in my room that I packed when I moved 3 years ago and only lately opened. I really need to find a way to copy my Oingo Boingo 4 Song EP to a CD (It's got the best versions of Only a Lad and Violent Love they ever did!)

It's kind of like how just recently I made backups of all my computers files on floppy disk, then the computer died and new computers don't even come with floppy drives for me to retrieve the info. :/

Anonymous said...

here's mine: