Sunday, November 05, 2006

Big Jim

I find it kind of fascinating that Jim's Journal has a Wikipedia page. I was reminded of this totally awesome strip when we were playing with our newest cat, Crunchy, and Rob said she was Mr. Peterson, Jim's (female) cat from the strip.

I love the strips, which, as the Wikipedia page notes, was invented to be a jokeless parody of comic strips. It's just funny to see the characters' bizarre relationships laid out and described, as with this: "Jim met Ruth while working at McDonald's. She is cheerful and kind, if a bit overbearing, and easily the most mature and responsible character in the strip. ... Late in the strip, she and Jim were married, though Jim never documented any change in their relationship before the wedding."


ralph said...

I didn't realize there was a fifth book; I have the first four. My brother and I were big fans.

Anonymous said...

As the author of that Wiki page, I thank you.