Thursday, November 16, 2006

Drink up!

Bailey's is one of those beverages that always sounds good to me, but I try it and then I remember "Oh yeah. I don't really like this." You'd think chocolate + liquor = unbeatable, but it's both too sweet and too strong for me.

I just saw a commercial (on TV! Can they do that?) for Bailey's with Caramel and Bailey's with Mint Chocolate. Because apparently for some folks, they're not quite sweet enough.

Those links, by the way, are to BevMo, a beverage store site. Rob and I went to one with Todd in California, and they're awesome--hard-to-get sodas, cool liquors, neat party plates and other items. Why don't we have a location in Seattle? Looks like they're only near LA and SF at the moment.


Lilly said...

BevMo may not be a viable or profitable operation with the Washington State liquor laws.

Anonymous said...

Bailey's with caramel?!?!? I think I'm in heaven. How early is too early to go to the liquor store?

vanillabean said...

Yeah, BevMo is awesome, I do half my Christmas shopping there. What are the liquor laws in Washington? I was suprised this summer to find you can't buy wine at the supermarket in Colorado.

Anonymous said...

It's only good in coffee.