Monday, November 27, 2006


Oh, what the?

Usually I leave the in-depth "FBOFW" critiques to FOOBiverse and just snark quickly and get out, but Tuesday's strip requires more attention.

Panel 2: How tough could the questions have been for Anthony? I mean, he was there, he pulled Dork Boy off Liz, the end. Unless they were quizzing about his relationship with Therese and Francoise, in which case, I only hope those questions were tough.

Panel 3: Anthony, honest and kind? Refer to the whole married Therese and coaxed her to get pregnant when she didn't want to, knowing full well the baby wouldn't have a mom, essentially. Where is the "honest and kind" about that?

Panel 5: OwwwwWWWWWWWW! Elly, would you like a nice magazine binder to deal with your issues?

I think that old Mr. Wright is not here simply because Lynn Johnston chose not to write him into this plotline, since she's all over a Liz-Granthony wedding. And really, nothing says "for worse" like that couple.


Anonymous said...

"where is he when you need him" ?

Is Elly kidding?

um, LEFT BEHIND, which is where evey guy who gets involved with Elizabeth winds up?

Good ol' lizardbreath - finds a way to run away from anything of value she happens to wind up involved with.

Adrianne said...

Come to the dark side!

I loved your critique : D


Anonymous said...

This strip was awful. John and Ely are on crack.

Anonymous said...

I weep over the death of Paul.

Sylko said...

Aaarrrgghh! This strip so frustrates me! Liz complained that the trial was going on really long and she was afraid about asking for more time off. Could Mr. Wright afford to take the time off? I know I wouldn't have been able to!

I hate Granthony. HATEHATEHATE.

cd said...

Yeah, Mr. Wright was out PROTECTING CITIZENS FROM HARM, you know, being a POLICE OFFICER and all. (Or, rather, a Mountie? I can't remember which. But you guys know what I mean.)

I am so, so mad at Lynn right now that I'm seriously considering writing her a strongly-worded disappointment email. Not a hate mail. I don't hate this, exactly, but I'm pretty dissatisfied with the beatification of Granthony. Good to know I'm not the only one.

katrynanne said...

Anthony is gross. And he's drawn, which means that as an ugly cartoon guy; he's even grosser. AND he's already got baggage. AND a porn 'stache. I need Paul to leave that crappy little town and get down here before something stupid happens.

MaryAnnTheRest said...

AUGH! Blandthony was there because he had a supoena! Oh, and because he's a creepy stalker. Yeah, what a great guy!

Anonymous said...

As I read elsewhere, Anthony was there because he HAD to be.

jam said...

I'm still holding out a faint, feeble (fooble?) hope that Granthony will fade away and we'll get back to Paul. Paul is cute, despite the ham-handed last name. He and Liz take walks in the woods!

Anonymous said...