Sunday, November 05, 2006

That's all very easy for the Mistress of the Universe to say...

Oh, hilarious! The wonderful Matt of Scrubbles found this PSA on YouTube: It's a 1980s clip in which She-Ra and He-Man talk to kids about sexual abuse. No, really. Here's the best line:

HE-MAN: "If you've been touched that way, don't be ashamed! Tell someone you trust, like your parents, your doctor, teacher or counselor or your minister or rabbi."

Notwithstanding the part where today it's almost as likely that your teacher, counselor or minister is the person who touched the kid in the wrong way, what is with this eternally long list of people?

He should have just gone on and on..."tell someone you trust, like your pharmacist, trash collector, mailman, the crazy cat lady next door, that mullet dude down the street who's always got his car up on blocks..."

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