Thursday, December 07, 2006

Do not pry open until Christmas

I love that the Washington Post did this story, because every time I have to take a scissors to a hard plastic clamshell package, I am convinced I'm going to cut myself and end up in the ER. (Via Girlhacker.)


itazurakko said...

OH how I hate those plastic packages. It is probably the #1 thing I hate about American shopping.

At the stores I frequented in Japan, things were not sealed this way. There was one display/trial item out on the shelf, tethered to the shelf, and if you decided to buy the product, you asked the attendant, who would unlock the cabinet under the display and get you out one.

The packaging? A simple cardboard box, trivial to open.

Given that people are perfectly happy to shop online, I wonder how soon we'll see stores with no products on the floor but rather terminals to submit orders, and customers pick the order up at the checkout. With such a system, we could return to having very minimalist packaging (as cardboard inserts and/or NON-SEALED clamshells would protect the products in shipping just as well).

That Guy said...

Hey, the Washington Post has a link back to this PCJM!