Sunday, December 17, 2006

Notes from the day job

Some MSNBC stories (not written by me) that I found interesting:

Apparently we take risks at the same level as our parents do, which is to say in my family: We're not so much on the risks.

You know, it was a lot spookier when you knew Hannibal Lecter had witnessed his little sister eaten (!) by the Nazis (!!), but the details were left to your imagination. I don't know that I really need Thomas Harris to describe it for me.

I swear I did not write this love letter about flying home to the Twin Cities for Christmas.

It does remind me though of Kevin Kling's Christmas show we saw on my birthday with friend at the Seattle Rep. It was funny to hear a Minnesota storyteller and comedian explain the quirks and foibles of my home to Seattleites who are unfamiliar with them, and funnier still to be sitting in the audience surrounded by people who don't know what snow days are, or don't have a history with WCCO radio. Best joke: "And mom would tell you 'There are kids in Africa who would love to have the Vikings!"

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Anonymous said...

"And mom would tell you 'There are kids in Africa who would love to have the Vikings!"


I think that being a Vikings fan is a form of self-flagellation that Minnesotans have to go through. This is odd for a mostly protestant state. It is not like we are Massachusettes or something.

From one displaced Minnesotan in the Pac NW to another, hang in there the Vikes aare sure to do better next year as they could hardly do worse. :)