Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Sorry about that snow

Seattle had what is for this city a bad snowstorm last week, and we heard horror stories about people caught in traffic for nine hours, trying to come home from work or from the Monday Night Football game at Qwest Field. People were abandoning their cars on the impassable roads, semis were jack-knifing...it was not pretty;

This poor guy was on the receiving end of a lot of the angry mail. He picked the sanest letter he got and composed an enormously long and thoughtful response that explains a lot. He both admits they weren't ready and didn't handle things well and explains that, as a West Coast city, Seattle hardly has any plows. And weirdly, western Washington can't borrow plows from snowier eastern Washington Seattle has Bott's Dots (lane-marker dots) and the metal-bladed plows would wreck them.

Says Rob "It's nice to think of elected/appointed officals as being people."

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