Tuesday, January 30, 2007

In the news

Silent lunchtime at Catholic school. (Not at my Catholic school, we were darn loud. And what's this "a choking child can't be heard" crap? Are that many people choking in this cafeteria? And are they blind children, that no one would notice them choking, they would have to hear it? Ridiculous.)

This story still gives me chills. A 37-year-old mom is diagnosed with ALS, and she and her husband must prepare their youngsters for life without her. In the end, she makes her son a promise: That she won't die of ALS for at least a year, and he holds it as his talisman, as you would. I hope she can live up to that promise, and even longer.

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ralph said...

Thanks for linking to the ALS story. That was a tough read. My uncle was diagnosed recently with ALS, so it hit home. It's a brutal disease, all the more so for the fact that the victim remains perfectly aware of what's happening throughout. One thing my brother mentioned to me when we found out about my uncle was that Steven Hawking, the physicist, has lived more than 20 years with ALS. So the 2-5 years mentioned in the article isn't a hard and fast thing.