Monday, January 01, 2007

My recent obsessions

Here's just some of the pop culture I'm obsessed with at the end of 2006. Note that little of it is new, I tend to find myself digging back into the past for my obsessions, which makes it much easier to find them at used bookstores and the like, anyway.

Daniel Johnston's music

Margaret Cho's comedy

The great BBC series "All Creatures Great and Small"

The awesome movie "The Queen"

My new hybrid Civic

Reading the entire Pearl S. Buck oeuvre

Reading Zadie Smith

"Peanuts" collections from the last years of the strip

Cooking my way through the recipes in my family recipe book

How much I am sucking in my office football bowl pool


Adrienne said...

I really enjoyed your family recipe book. I would rather have "hand-me-down" recipes than recipes from a cookbook anytime. Those recipes are the tried-and-true kind! Thanks for sharing!

Stephanie said...

Oh, my're back!

For weeks, when I'd click on your link, I'd be taken to the Google homepage, despite the URL reading PCJM.

Am I sick to have missed you so much?