Saturday, January 13, 2007

Rampart, this is Squad 51

You can apparently get your "Emergency!" DVD sets autographed by Randolph Mantooth, one of my first-ever TV crushes. I even memorized the birthday given for his character, Johnny Gage, on the show (August 28, listed once when someone wanted to read him his horoscope).

Remember the early episodes, when the paramedic program was just getting started and no one trusted the paramedics? I never really got that. "I'm sorry, I know I have my arm stuck in a mailbox, but I just don't trust you to get me out, I'm just going to live here on the street."

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RandomName said...

Damn, now you're talkin' old school. I vaguely remember this was the "CHiPs" of its day. I have a possibly fictitious recollection that Nurse Dixie was pretty smokin' hot. I mean, for an older woman in the 1970s.