Friday, February 16, 2007

Bubble Man returns

I've posted before about Bubble Man II and his friendly family of sodas, whom we met in Japan.

But I didn't realize Wikipedia had a Bubble Man entry.
Spelling errors theirs, not mine, probably via translation: "Contrversial Advertisments for Bubbleman have raised issues, due to the actions of one character on a TV commercials it was mistaken that he was masterbating. However innocently he was playing a musical intrument."
Says my friend, Sue, who was there with us: "I would like to see that commercial. Please. What instrument was he playing? He's a spaceman! Like you can hear music in space." (Update: Many thanks to Ms. Molly, who posted YouTube links to two hilarious BubbleMan commercials in the comments to this post. Now why didn't I think to check YouTube?)

Also, check out all the varieties we missed! Obviously we have to go back. I wonder if some of these are really flavors though, or just slogans.

Grape flash (2005 April)
Orange cross (2005 April)
Soda jet (2005 July)
Fruit Bonn bar (2005 September)
Golden delicious (2005 November)
Soda fever (2006 November)

Soda planet (2006 April)
Bubble rocket space taste (2006 May)
The south pole soda (2006 July)
Lightning soda (2006 September)

Also, this guy hated Bubble Man II. What is wrong with him?

First off, when you Google "Bubble Man II," the very first page that pops up is PCJM. Heh. The SECOND page is the official Suntory page for Bubble Man II, which is pretty hilarious to look at.

Click on the big red circle that says CLICK and you can see a timeline of Bubble Man flavors. It really does look like they put a new one out every couple months!

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Ms Molly said...

Well, here are the two commercials that are on YouTube.

BubbleMan II

The first one definitely looks like he's er... "treating his body like an amusement park," but he's shaking up the soda, not playing a musical instrument. The BubbleMan II commercial does feature him getting whacked in the crotch with a baseball bat, though. Ouch!

In fact, I've now seen much more of BubbleMan's crotch than I wanted to.

Still, all in all, it's not as disturbing as this milk commercial I ran across while looking for it.