Sunday, February 04, 2007

Crunchberry Beast

I love this indulgently long post about the Crunchberry Beast, the mascot for Crunch Berries. I think I remember those "State of Confusion" pennants, too.

Don't miss Jeff Sparkman's comment about the unstrategically placed iron-on. Heh.

And don't miss Jeff's link, on his own site, to a great commercial for Mego superhero action figures. Not only do the makers of the commercial not know who the Fantastic Four are, as Jeff points out, the only adjective they can come up with for the Falcon is that he's black, whereas all the female superheroes get described only as "supergals."

Yeah, sorry about that, Mego. The ad designer was kind of in a hurry to lock up and go to lunch, so he kinda skimped on the research for your TV ad, but come on, you obviously didn't care, either, as you let the ad air as is.

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