Sunday, February 11, 2007

The final salute, the last goodbye

I mentioned briefly that I was maid of honor in my best friend Lisa's wonderful wedding in Washington, D.C. last month.

Her wedding was held in St. Matthew's Cathedral, and from where I sat in the front pew, I could see the giant marble oval marking the spot where President John F. Kennedy's casket rested in 1963 when his funeral Mass was held there.

What I didn't realize, however, was that the steps up to the Cathedral, where a bunch of us in the wedding party shivered in D.C.'s January cold waiting to begin the rehearsal, was the same set of steps where John-John gave his father his famous salute. (Since he was only three at the time, I've always suspected that John-John was really just blocking the sun from his little eyes, but the resulting photo is magical.)


Brian said...

It's a pretty-well documented bit of history that Jackie Kennedy told her son to salute just as the cortege was passing. He was fond of playing "soldier" with his father. So it was genuine, but cleverly staged by Jackie, just as most of the JFK legend would be for years.

Sara said...

Ah, I was just coming to post what Brian did! Jackie taught him the salute.