Sunday, February 11, 2007

An orange has a-peel

"Schoolhouse Rock" and "Time for Timer" fans may need to wrack their brains a little deeper to recall this wonderful vintage PSA about how we should all eat more fruit.

Although maybe not as much fruit as the kids in this cartoon are eating -- they look like they're each about to wolf down half of central Florida.

Notes one of the snide commenters, "Well, considering the generation who watched this became a bunch of fat f----, i think it's safe to say this PSA was less then succesful."

Yeah, maybe, but considering that this person can't spell "successful," and doesn't know the difference between "than" and "then," I think it's safe to say the various Grammar Rock versions of Schoolhouse Rock were lost on him or her.


Beth said...

Oh, I remember that one very well. Also "hanker for a hunk of cheese." And I think there was one (maybe it was the cheese one) about freezing orange juice instead of eating popsicles?

Gloom Raider said...

"Sunshine On a Stick!" I remember those spots.

The odd thing is that, even though you have to describe them as "like Schoolhouse Rock but not-- you know, with the weird little orange guy," people of a certain age still know exactly what you're talking about.

Also, as long as I'm de-lurking, what a wonderful blog.