Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Sometimes, Superman is kind of a dick. As these comic-book covers show.

Although I love that he wants to prevent a Pat Boone song from becoming a hit. That seems only right and justified, not dickish.

He also wants to keep Lois Lane in jail, and ditch her when she suddenly becomes old. He might kill off Aquaman for no apparently reason. And he makes Jimmy Olsen marry a monkey, which ... awesome.

He's also kind of an ass about that whole secret identity thing. No wonder the hippies hate him. As do his Super-Pets.


Anne said...

Well, I think he's got a point about Lana and Lois. It would be tough to be married to a person that lacked basic deductive reasoning.

As for Aquaman, does he really need a reason? Besides the fish, no one's going to miss him. (I kidding of course. Please don't flame me Aquaman fans. Both of you.)

That Guy said...

I love the Superman vs. the "damn dirty hippies" cover...'cuz all hippies dressed like they raided Marty Krofft's wardrobe!