Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Death be not proud

Here's an interesting list of bizarre deaths. The one that got to me the most was that of a clinically depressed TV reporter who shot herself while reading the news.

No, they don't mean Budd Dwyer, this was actually a journalist, named Christine Chubbuck. Her Wikipedia entry is just tinged all over with sadness. I keep musing over the fact that she announced her impending death as "an attempted suicide." Apparently right to the end, she thought maybe she'd live.

(Via Ultimate Insult.)


Anonymous said...

Recreating the meal that killed King Adolf Frederick sounds like something kind of morbidly fun to do for a birthday or some such event. I can't imagine just anyone could put away 14 servings of dessert, though, especially after such a large meal.

Brachinus said...

Maybe she called it an "attempted suicide" because she was a good journalist and couldn't verify its success, only the attempt.

Anonymous said...

At lot of the more historical deaths are just amusing now but the newer ones are quite haunting, like the TV reporter you mentioned.

And I know I live under a rock but this is the first time I've read about the collar bomb pizza delivery case. I haven't been able to get the victim's face out of my head all day. That poor, poor man.