Sunday, March 25, 2007

Godawful wedding crap

Have you seen Godawful Wedding Crap, a Weblog of horrible things you can buy for a wedding? Oh, it's too bad Lisa's already married now, I might have had to torment her with some of this stuff.

It reminds me of when I got married and I went to Macy's at the Mall of America to buy long gloves (which I didn't end up wearing, because they felt too confining). The could-NOT-have-been-more-than-17-year-old clerk selling them to me chattered nonstop about how oh! Was I getting married? She was getting married, too! And she was going to have a Precious Moments cake topper on her cake, wasn't that the best?

Not to be mean, but I bet that marriage didn't last. More even than her youth, the cake topper surely doomed her.

I wonder if it was this one? Or maybe this one.


kim said...

Sweet Fancy Moses.


Riona said...

Ah, Advantage Bridal, tacky caketopper purveyor of my heart.

Thanks for the link! Nice to find your blog.