Tuesday, March 27, 2007

John Waters lets me down

I'm a true-crime buff, but even I can't recommend John Waters' new "Til Death Do Us Part" show on Court TV.

The premise sounded interesting -- so many murders stem from what originally seemed like happy marriages (Laci Peterson, anyone?). John Waters plays a kind of MC character, the Groom Reaper (ack) who introduces a newly married couple who end up with one killing the other.

Not the topic for everybody, but it would have been interestingly done if it was maybe done in a more "Forensic Files" style. Instead, they get Lifetime movie-like actors and scripts and Waters barely appears. Cheese to the max.


Snarla said...

Oh bummer! I don't even have cable and was starting to regret it when I saw the ads for this series. True crime and John Waters? What could be better, right?

Oh well, at least I won't be forking up for cable.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree - I watched two episodes on Saturday, lured in by John Waters. But it was b-a-d, worse than Lifetime, I think! Suburban Secrets is also a loser. I'll stick with Dominick Dunne and my favorites, City Confidential and American Justice.

Talia said...

I thought that "Groom Reaper" thing was really lame when I first heard it, but it didn't strike me that it would be representative of the quality of the whole series. The "combined events" mentioned in the disclaimer at the beginning are so clumsily put togther, you know there's no way in hell things would have fallen that way outside of a Lifetime Movie (the loanshark demanding money openly in front of a boyscout meeting where everyone's armed with bows and arrows?) The delivery of the dauther's line "but mommy makes them (cookies) better" reminded me of that episode of Daria where Quinn was in a school play and was trying out different places to put emphasis in her line, and finally read it with all the words emphasised.
I can take or leave John Waters, but the next episode I see better have some big save to it or I'll be happy to see it vanish.

Stephanie said...

I agree. I was greatly disappointed. I really expected so much more from a show hosted by Waters!