Saturday, March 03, 2007

Shop till ya drop

I had no idea Linda started a shopping Weblog, but good on her.

I'm not shopping-savvy enough to devote a whole blog to products (unless they're weird foods), but here's my most recent home purchase.

When I was visiting my friend Lisa at her now-husband Frank's house, he had this cool three-bottle body wash/shampoo/conditioner dispenser mounted in his bathroom. It was so nice to just push the button of your choice instead of having to fumble with various bottles.

So I bought the same one, and put it together and installed it all myself in our shower when Rob was laid up sick. If you know me and my lack of mechanical know-how, the mere fact that I could install it myself speaks volumes about how simple this is to install.

The dispenser came with about 30 labels in different languages, in case you wanted to use one of the containers for shaving cream or body oil and wanted to read the labels in French or Spanish.

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Anonymous said...

There's a spa in town that has those dispensers in the bathroom showers (I went once to use the hot tub, and they want you to shower and make sure you rinse off any lotions or perfumes -- not to mention other things -- you may have on you.)

I do have to say though, they seem a little pricy. Popping open the lid on my shampoo isn't exactly $50 worth of trouble.