Sunday, April 01, 2007

Feather in your cap

Oh, I love these 1980s feathered hair images, complete with comments.

Doesn't the first one look a bit like Nicole Kidman?

And you just know that, as stupid as most of these 'dos look now, we would have killed to walk out the door in the morning looking just like them in 1984. I, for one, was also a master of the multi-colored layered eye shadow looks--purple, pink and blue being my favorites. Yikes.


Finding My New Normal said...

unfortunately, I am not able to see any of the photos. At work I use Explorer and all the photos were just red Xs. At home I use Firefox and the photos just didn't show up at all. Bummer because getting my hair to feather each morning was a major event. It took me an hour just to do my hair every day.

Anonymous said...

I had the Joan Jet feathered look. Mostly because the work to curl and hairspray was beyond me. My bff had the "wall of hair," though. In 1985, I desperately wanted hair that was not feathered, but everytime I tried to grow out the layers, I would get these weird hair flips, and then I'd get the Joan Jet again. It took me to 1987 to finally have the guts to grow out the hair.