Tuesday, April 10, 2007


OK, raise your hand if you didn't see this "For Better or For Worse" plotline coming eight months ago.

Deanna and Michael, undeservedly, are going to end up ripping the big house away from Elly and John. Please.

Their whole little family creeps me out -- Dee, with her pharmacist knowledge, yet inability to understand birth control. Michael, with his crappy novel which sold immediately. And even Meredith, with her Jon Benet blonde curls and Botox lips. (Little Robin hasn't been established enough for me to hate him.)

More Liz, less Mike, please.


Anonymous said...

I KNOW! I have been waiting for this for months and you know it's going to keep dragging out while Elly and John "think about it," while lying in bed with big round eyes. Sheesh.

Gleemonex said...

DUDE. Godamighty.

Stab stab stab stabbity stab. Rinse off knife. Repeat.

Why am I still reading this strip? Will it ever let me out of its tractor beam?

katrynanne said...

As soon as I read this I came immediately here; This FOOB plotline has been coming forever. Now we'll have Liz marry the insanely creepy Granthony, and Lynn Johnston can live happily ever after.