Monday, April 09, 2007

However, I can pronounce "Civic"

I drive a Honda Civic hybrid now, but we did consider a Toyota Prius. I didn't get it because I wasn't fond of the humped-up snail shape, but now that I think about it, it's a good thing I didn't because I can never remember how to pronounce "Prius."

The word looks like "prior" to me, so I want to say it that way. To rhyme with "pious" (heh--not that we hybrid owners are ever pious) or "pry us out of this car." But it's really pronounced "Pree-us," and I cannot get that through my head.

Anyway, today I found this funny article on the name. I'm not the only one!


ayako said...

I wonder why Toyota didn't just make up a different name for the car when it went to market it outside Japan? The Trooper, the Samurai, and the Sidekick are all names that would not be recognized in Japan.

Brachinus said...

I notice the article repeats the urban legend about the Nova not selling well in Mexico because it supposedly means "doesn't go" in Spanish.

Lefty said...

you bought a civic instead of a prius? but won't that make it harder for everyone to know that you drive a hybrid? is