Thursday, May 31, 2007

Fake fast food

I saw this site mentioned in Rolling Stone and had to check it out: Ads vs. Reality shows both a photo of a fast-food item as seen in the restaurant's ads, and contrasts it with the real-life smushed and smaller burger (or whatever) that you're actually served when you go there.

Some of them are not that far off (the Subway sub looks pretty similar to its ad) and some are pretty humorous (the Arby's roast beef and cheddar looks like it was run over in the drive-thru).

I'm not touching one of those KFC bowls, though. They look like throw-up to me. And no, they don't even deserve the more adult description of "vomit." Throw-up.


Crazy Colorado Knitter said...

the stoner bowls -- i mean, kfc bowls are tasty. they're not pretty, but they fill you up for the whole afternoon (or evening).

Anonymous said...

The KFC bowl I could handle - the cheese is melted, no biggie. It's the Taco Bell nachos that scare me!

Anonymous said...

It's all so revolting. I totally agree about the KFC bowls - fortunately they are not available in Canada, at least not in our area, but we do see all the ads on American TV. My first reaction was "up chuck" - simply a variation on throw up. (My husband thinks they look great. Enough said)

One of the pictures does illustrate one of the great mysteries of life - it shows some appealing looking leaf lettuce peeping out on top of the burger, just peeking coyly out from under the bun. Reality - shown in the "real' picture, is a tired looking scattering of whitish iceburg that was thrown in the general direction of the sandwich.

Anonymous said...

Isn't advertising wonderful and full of shit? This reminds me of the rice I ate today. It looked so much different than the picture on the box and not very appetizing. Luckily its appearance wasn't an indication of how it tasted - it was actually pretty good.

I would probably eat fast food often if the final result looked more like the pictures on the left. Although that McDonald's McMuffin looks strange. Why would the top be smaller than the bottom? At least the real version is more proportional.

katiedid said...

Patton Oswalt has a great bit about those KFC bowls: he refers to them as a failure pile in a sadness bowl.