Wednesday, May 23, 2007


If a tree falls on your newly purchased house and you're right there to see it happen, does it make a sound?

I'm kind of bummed to discover they already purchased the smaller house, in what must be the fastest real-estate transaction in Canadian history. I was hoping the tree fell on it before, and that it would throw the whole Mike gets the BIG house because Mike is GREAT plotline into disarray, but of course, I should have known better.


Frothy said...

Now he gets to show off his 1337 chainsawin' skillz!

Nothing like getting a tree off your house without first a) getting the insurance company to look at it and b) getting ropes, chains, winches, whatever. I mean, what does John think's going to happen when he cuts the felled tree? It'll fall even more onto the house, causing more damage.

Anonymous said...

And now of course now April thinks it is all her fault.