Thursday, May 10, 2007

Retro a-go-go

I love the tripadelic Krazy Kids Food photos on this Flickr group (in fact, I own the book Krazy Kids Food, and have given it to several friends). A few especially great ones:

--Grape A-Go-Go Bubble Gum records
--Corn Crackos cereal (for crackheads?)
--Jo Jo the startling ice-cream clown
--And who are the little gnomey guys in the trees in this pineapple sundae ad? I guess they're "Tee" and "Eff," the Tastee-Freez mascots. We never had Tastee-Freez in the Twin Cities when I was growing up.

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DrBear said...

Ah yes...I remember Shake-A-Puddin from fifth grade. Run out to the drinking fountain (the Bubbler in Wisconsinese), fill the cup with water, shake like a maniac. And it was ALWAYS lumpy!