Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Stick it in the hole, Stewart

Stewart, the pansyish younger kid on "Beavis and Butthead," wore a Winger shirt for a reason. It seems that Kip Winger told MTV they couldn't make fun of his band's videos, and he also got extremely pompous about challenging Metallica to some kind of hands-tied guitar duel.

I know zero about Winger's music, but find this little factoid to be pretty darn funny anyway. Also, they have more mousse in their collective hair in this photo than my entire high school had for the whole decade of the 1980s -- and I went to an all-girls' school.


MC said...

I wonder if Butters Stotch on South Park was influenced by the Stewart character.

Anonymous said...

My favorite factoids about Kip Winger are that he was once a ballet dancer and that he played bass for Alice Cooper before he started Winger.

As much of an egomaniac as he apparent is (was), you can't really blame him for the moussed hair thing - almost every band did that to their hair back then.

Anonymous said...

That is some seriously scary hair!!!