Friday, May 11, 2007

Sugar, sugar

The top 10 most sugar-filled drinks. Interesting that three of them -- Fanta, Sunkist, and Tropicana Twister -- are orange sodas. (Via The Usual Suspects.)

Also, whatever happened to Orange Crush? It was THE orange soda for years, but now you hardly ever see it. It had a bright, fresh orangey taste that beat the others all to hell, in my opinion. Apparently it's now considered a hard-to-find retro beverage.


Brian said...

Really? I can find Orange Crush very easily here in the Northeast.

Personally, I like Diet Sunkist best of all the orange sodas. It has caffeine in it for a little extra jolt.

Lona said...

Here in Saskatchewan, Assiniboia, to be specific we have oragne crush in abundance...and i will other orange pop even comes close!

Anonymous said...

If you still want that flavor, Bonne Bell still sells Lip Smackers in both Orange Crush and Grape Crush.

emc said...

Orange Crush does, indeed, abide up here in Canada. They actually redesigned the packaging not too long ago. It's very new millenium now.

Ruby said...

Orange Crush is still around up in Vermont. In elementary school, we talked about 'having an orange soda' on someone instead of a crush. Genius code, no?

liz said...

Not only can you get your fill of Orange Crush in Newfoundland, but you can also enjoy:

Red Cream Soda
White Cream Soda

...and last but not least...


Oriole said...

The coolest orange pop TV commercial. Ever.