Monday, May 14, 2007

A syndrome you never thought to worry about getting

I found this lengthy and fascinating article about former SNL comedian Tony Rosato on Metafilter.

I don't really remember him from the show (those were the really, reall unfunny years of SNL), but apparently he's gone round the bend and may have what's called Capgras Syndrome, where he's convinced that his wife and baby daughter have been replaced by identical imposters.

He's now in jail in Canada, still claiming to be sane. It's unclear why he's in jail instead of in a mental hospital, but apparently Canada's judicial system shares many of the faults of our own.

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Kaitlin Redmond said...

I remember him from SCTV ... apart from a few good impersonations (Lou Costello, Ella Fitzgerald), he wasn't very good (and definately couldn't fill John Candy's shoes).

That's a terrible thing to have happen to you, though. poor guy :(