Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Duchess of Scent

Did you know Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, has a line of candles at Bath and Body Works? They're based on tea scents, so they all have stoopid names like Royal-ty and Digni-ty.

So funny...I remember back when she, Andy, Edward and Anne participated in this weird British game show-obstacle course-Battle of the Network Royals type of thing called "It's a Knockout," and they were criticized up and down for the uncouthness of it all.

Now Diana's dead, Charles and Camilla are married, and Fergie is shilling for everything in sight. Still love her, though. She's got fire, and she and Andy managed to keep it together even after their divorce. My bet is that if they weren't royal, they'd be married still.

And while you're at Bath and Body Works picking up your Sarah candle, you should know that my absolute favorite scent of all time, their Vanilla Bean Noel, is back in stock for the holidays. Get the lotion. I put it on my legs after swimming at the gym and I can't tell you how many people come up to me and want to know what scent it is and where they can buy some. Of course, if you're like my friend Lisa, you don't want to "smell like food," as she puts it, so then it wouldn't be for you.


Anonymous said...

Ha! My name is Lisa and I ALSO don't like lotions and things which make me "smell like food"! I get teased for that by my friends. I am most vehemently against smelling of fruit.

Anonymous said...

I, on the other hand, don't care to smell like flowers.

I've never met a man who wanted to put his mouth on a flower and I love it when my husband says I smell good enough to eat.

I use Island Soap and Candle works products.