Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Oh, I am so in hate of this FBOFW plotline with Michael and his horrible, terrible, no good book. Barf. (And as of Wednesday, the media frenzy has begun. Riiiiight. Wake me when Oprah calls.)

However, The Comics Curmudgeon made me laugh by digging up some of Michael's supposed text from the book (via the site's official letters), including:

"She has given birth four times -- two stillborn children and two living. The living buried the dead. " (HOW COULD IT BE OTHERWISE, MICHAEL?)


"Harvey kept the truancy officer at bay with a rifle and Sheilagh was hit with the butt of it when she pleaded on behalf of the boys. " (THIS IS A RUN-ON AND NOT A VERY INTERESTING ONE CONSIDERING.)


"She picked her way carefully back to the house so as not to fall. Being still in this weather could mean being stiff in no time!" (THAT LAST SENTENCE IS A FBOFW PUNCHLINE WAITING TO HAPPEN.)

Also, go back to that Comics Curmudgeon link and check out their hilarious re-captioning of the Marmaduke panel. As good as Joe Mathlete!


Katanma said...

What cracks me up the most is that he has a book signing at Eastgate Square. Please believe me when I tell you that it is the MOST DEPRESSING MALL IN THE WORLD. I'd actually be really insulted if I had a book signing there.

Also, tsk tsk, Lynn, CHCH doesn't exist anymore, since CanWest bought E! and decided to use the CHCH channel for it instead. (That last sentence might only make sense to Southern Ontario people.)

Ellie said...

I also love how the wording of that first quote implies that her living children buried the dead ones themselves.

I wrote a snotty letter to the Coffee Talk blog about how much I hate this storyline, but I have no illusions that it will have an effect (or probably even get published).

Sarah B. said...

I think Mike's book would be a lot more interesting if, halfway through, the dead started burying the living.

... heh.