Saturday, October 20, 2007


Art imitates life in the latest FBOFW Sunday strip.

I guess it's a retread from years past, but considering that Johnston's husband has left her for another woman, it seems a really, really odd choice. She must have intentionally wanted to punish him in print, no?

Johnston kind of commented on the decision to run that strip in this interview.

Excerpt: "And readers who see her strip in Sunday's paper, which refers to a recurring dream of Elly's, might think Johnston's recent separation is reflected there.

In a poignantly ironic way, the strip is autobiographical, but the events depicted there happened a long time ago. "I drew that strip years ago ... the first year that the strip came out," Johnston said, adding that it is one of the older strips that are running as part of the hybrid plan.

"I really had that dream. ... I put it in a strip, never thinking that it would ever be something that I would experience.

"I've been going over the very first strips that I did, and I decided to let it run. ... I like it; it was good. It's really kind of unique, considering the situation. The girls at [my] studio thought it was appropriate, and we all kind of smiled and said, yes, let's run it."

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Dan said...

LJ: Girls, is this appropriate?

Girls: (nodding in unison) Yes, Ms. Johnston! Sure!

I mean really, what were they going to say?