Saturday, October 06, 2007

Gone to the dogs

I love how Joe Mathlete mocks Marmaduke, a most-mockable comic, but it seems that he was pushed to his limit by this particular strip.

And rightfully so: That is SO not moonwalking. If anything, it's bunny-hopping.


Shannon said...

His vile towards the comic in general is indeed warranted, but I think our definition of "moonwalking" (the M. Jackson dance) is different than the artist's definition of "moonwalking" (bouncing really high in zero-gravity atmosphere). At least, that's how I read it!

Talia said...

"Don't let the bunnyhop fool you" would have even been a better caption -- it would at least make some sense (Marmaduke is trying to disguise himself as a bunny to evade dogcatchers!) instead of... whatever that was going on there.