Sunday, October 07, 2007

Minnesota, crusts off to thee

A Minnesota-themed restaurant, Zayda Buddy's, has opened in my Seattle neighborhood. My people!

Although I don't quite get why a thin-crust pizza is supposed to be "Minnesota-style" -- I would think a version of Chicago deep-dish, which is impossible to find here on the West Coast, would be more fitting.

It's a nice atmosphere, though, close to our house, open late every night, and they also have MN beers, Tater Tot hot dish,and cheese curds. And one of their mixed drinks is named Minnesota POP. A place after my own frozen heart.


Anonymous said...

What is "Tater Tot Hot Dish"? I love me some tots and I've never heard of this over on the East Coast.

Also? Congratulations on your good news! I'll bet you'll be a great mom!

Kat said...

Is the thin-crust pizza cut into squares, a la Carbone's? Maybe that's what they're going for! We need one of those in Baltimore!