Sunday, October 21, 2007

"Office" fun

Rolling Stone's top 25 moments from "The Office."

While they do have a Ben Franklin moment, I have to say one of my favorite moments from the whole show is not Pam pointing out that Franklin has syphilis, but Dwight quizzing him to see if he's the real deal. ("WHO IS THE KING OF PRUSSIA?")

(Via Office Tally.)

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Maya said...

I loved that moment in Ben Franklin too. Dwight really brings the funny.

Please tell me I'm not going to hell for this: Today at work I got a news release about a man here in MN who died Saturday of rabies (he was bit by a bat in August). The first thing I think of? Michael's Race for Rabies in the season premiere and that maybe it wasn't such a silly idea after all.