Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Booking it

Even with a new baby, I try to snatch some time for reading, usually just before bed. I'm working my way through three new books:

"Rhett Butler's People," a "Gone With the Wind" sequel that's supposedly much better than Alexandra Ripley's "Scarlett."

"Last Night at the Lobster," a novella about a manager's final evening at a Red Lobster that's going under.

"Never Enough," Joe McGinniss' latest true-crime tome.


Ginny said...

Entertainment Weekly gave "Rhett Buttler's People" a C, citing that the author wasn't true to Scarlett's nature. I'm still considering reading it though - have read GWTW multiple times, and "Scarlett" twice. Please post your thoughts when you are finished with the book - I am interested to know your take.

Congrats on your little one!

Jennifer said...

So, how is Rhett Butler? I just heard about that and was cracking up, but from the few excerpts I found online, it didn't sound like it sucked. (And I have read "Scarlett.")

Rachel said...

I looooove GWTW. I've read it upwards of 150 times (I'm weird, yes). My daughter's middle name is Scarlett, fer cryin' out loud.

As for the book "Scarlett" it suuuuucks. It's a good idea, certainly, but the writing is just so overwrought! And the fact that Ms. Ripley keeps harping on and on about how "beautiful" Scarlett is, when THE FIRST LINE in GWTW is "Scarlet O'Hara was not beautiful..." That irks me so much that I sort of hate the book a lot, but that hasn't stopped me from reading it a bunch of times.

Anyway, I would also like to see your take on this new one, since I am guaranteed to get about 23 copies of for Hanukkah.