Saturday, November 17, 2007

Commercials I hate

Current commercials that rub me the wrong way:

Hybrid SUV ad where the little girl wants dad to drop her off so her cool friends won't see what a gas-guzzler Suburbo Dad is. Smug Dad explains that his SUV is a hybrid, which seems a weird thing not to have explained to her before. He doesn't explain that it's still an SUV, thus blocking the view of those of us in small cars as well as smashing us flat in an accident.

Cheerios ad where either the same Smug Suburbo Dad or an amazing simulation eats Cheerios for six weeks to lower his cholesterol. His kid, meanwhile, has the same six weeks to do a report, and yet is still frantically doing it on the day it's due. The dad's personality just grates on me, and what middle-school teacher gives a kid six weeks to do a report?

The Home Depot ad where the wife muses about all the things she wants to do to their house and thinks her husband is cheering her ideas, when really he's cheering some sporting event on TV. I almost could like this ad except that I cannot buy the fact that she would actually say she wanted to paint a room "ochre." It's such a false word choice that it wrecks the whole ad for me.


Christy said...

The one that grates on me is the Lowe's one with the couple shopping for wood floors.

They don't want glue because their LABRADOODLE has sensitive skin. The type of glue used for putting down wood floors is wood glue, which is the same as white glue, which my husband likes to point out, is the same thing we give first graders to eat.

I'm pretty sure it's the word labradoodle that puts me in a rage. They couldn't say "our dog", they had to say "our labradoodle".

NYCGirl said...

The Subway commercial with the dad who acts like a 2-year-old because he can't have a sandwich NOW.

Anonymous said...

Mine is the Target xmas one, because I hate, hate, hate that song. Who the hell is that? Need to avoid them at all costs.

The color ochre is pretty normal to me. I have used that word, but ususally confined to fabric and furnishings and paint too (well maybe crayons.)


Funky's Mama said...

*HATE* the Hybrid SUV ad, because in the very first shot you can see the "Hybrid" logo on the back of the SUV, so is the girl illiterate, or what? And you know they'd *never* make an ad like this with a boy in that role.

The_Overdog said...

Not sure I agree about ochre. They are remodelling my apt complex commmon areas, and they are ochreing up the place, so i think it's a hot color right now.

And to Christy, Top Gear Dog is a labradoodle. Those things are precious!

Toby said...

I can't stand the Visa Check commercials that insist on urging the general population to become mindless robots who all do the same thing.

And I never liked any of those cell phone ads, no matter which company is doing the schilling. Sometimes I think the government is underwriting the cost of those ads to help get everybody into the cell phone mindset. All the better to keep track of us all! Ha!