Friday, November 09, 2007


My all-girls high school, Derham Hall, merged with its brother school, Cretin High School (named for a former bishop, make all the jokes you want here) in 1987. The school now goes by Cretin-Derham Hall, Cretin-Derham, or CDH.

But it bugs me no end that the local newspapers, 20 years after the merger, still dismiss the "Derham" part of the name in headlines and just call the school "Cretin." Another boys-girls school merger resulted in a school called Hill-Murray, but headlines never just call that school "Hill."

I guess it's that the copy editors still remember when Cretin and Derham were separate and see no problem with using the old name, especially for football stories. And the copy editors are probably men, so don't care when the all-girls part of the name falls by the wayside.


Ann said...

They never could pronounce Derham hard is it???

Jennifer said...

Cretin? Really? As in the insult?

...You'd think they'd WANT to say C-D in the paper just to minimize that effect. Unless someone thinks it's a funny joke to leave it in.