Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Get out your lavalieres!

They're planning to reissue the Sweet Valley High books? Why oh why?

First off, there are only about a zillion copies of the old editions available at every Goodwill in the country. It's not like they're hard to find.

And secondly, I agree with the Dairi Burger blogger -- kids today will find them horribly dated. They're more into the needless cruelty and excess of "Gossip Girl" as opposed to the perfect size-six twins with their lavalieres and ocean-colored eyes.


Wanda said...

Not to mention the fact that today's teen probably thinks a size six is fat not knowing that a six in SVH times is what we call a two today.

Adrienne said...

Okay, I'll bite. What the hoohah is a lavaliere?? Does not knowing get me kicked out of the girl club?

Rachel said...

Oh, but they're not FOR the kids today! They're for us, the 30-somethings who are of freakishly nostalgic for our childhoods and will happily shell out for new and shiny versions of all the books!

Hee! Can't WAIT! And hey - what happened to the "Elizabeth & Jessica & the rest are all out of college and living in a gated community somewhere" that was supposed to come out??

stephanie said...

A lavaliere! Oo! Let me see if I remember... I believe the twins had matching gold ones, and I think they are a necklace with a rectangular pendant.

Don't quote me on that, for I may not be remembering that quite right. Whoa. SVH. That was a looooong time ago.

Thought Criminal said...

I googled lavaliere and got that it means a necklace with a pendant. It is also, apparently, a type of cordless lapel microphone.

Jennifer said...

I think they're long rectangular pendants, hanging vertically.