Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Misty watercolor memories

"The Mist" is my favorite Stephen King short story, and I'm interested to see the movie version (probably on DVD, since we're not taking Kelly to any films any time soon).

I always pictured it taking place in the grocery store I worked in, Knowlan's, in White Bear Lake, Minnesota (it's now a liquor store). And when they show scenes from the movie, it looks a lot like that store, which makes it even creepier.

I've heard that they changed the ending, which is kind of disappointing, since the story ended with such an unanswered question. But the AP review claims the new ending is equally good, so who knows?


Anonymous said...

Try taking the baby to the theater - you will probably be pleasantly surprised.

Infants (up til about 6 months old) tend to find the loud noises and flashing lights very sleep inducing.

When I was a new mom, I took my son to the theater quite frequently, especially during the daytime during his typical naptimes. He started getting too rowdy about 5 months old, though. Enjoy it while you can!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Knowlans. I haven't heard that name in years. I used to go to the one in Maplewood. I wonder if it is still there. It was the last time I was in town, about 5 years ago.

hard to believe it was still there with all the Cub and Rainbow stores. Thanks for sparking a memory :)


TulsaTV said...

Gael, do you know about the 3D sound production of "The Mist"?

It was produced with a "Kunstkopf", or dummy head and microphones placed at the ears.

I taped it when it played on NPR in the 80s. It's now on CD:


Michelle said...

Saw the movie tonight. I had read somewhere (thought it was here but I guess not) that the ending change was "less vague, more devastating." That hits the nail on the head. Completely devastating.

The first hour or so might be seen by some, I imagine, as a little slow and talky---this movie is "suspense/horror," not "action/horror." The young couple sitting right behind me talked nonstop for the first hour or so, but they and the rest of the theater were completely silent for the last half hour-ish. Not even nervous giggles which I'd heard throughout the theater for much of the movie.

This is one of my favorite King stories too and I almost didn't want to see the movie because I didn't want it ruined for me but it was really well done. That Darabont guy needs to keep on making Stephen King movies; he seems to be the only person who can avoid turning them into complete and utter dreck.

mindy said...

That story gave me and then all of my cousins the kaboobabibbies when we read it at my aunt's lake house. You know, the one that's on the long dirt road that connects to the two-lane highway, with the NO TRESPASSING government property not very far away.