Saturday, November 24, 2007

Sock it to me

Baby socks just will not stay on Kelly's tiny feet.

The ones that stay on the best are these cute Mary Jane lookalikes given to us by a friend of Rob's. I also love their ballerina ones.


Beth said...

We found that sizing up helped them to stay on. Also buying better socks -- the cheapos from Target are impossible, but we have some really fancy hand me down socks from France (!!!) that are fantastic. The ones from Gap and Old Navy are pretty good, too.

Anonymous said...

We had the same problem. Our best bet were the ones from Old Navy - double roll the tops!

You can also get those little leather slippers from bobux or Robees. Those never fall off.

girlfiend said...

The only ones that ever worked from 0-9 months were the baby gap infant socks- not the ones that roll. Every other sock got kicked off.