Wednesday, November 28, 2007

That sticky-haired woman

Another commercial I hate: The Progressive insurance ad where the woman brings her kid to the car-repair shop and says she backed into a pole and the girl didn't wake up, so all the insurance guys speak in hushed tones as they hurry the woman into a rental car.

For one thing, the girl on the mom's shoulder looks like she's about ten, so I find it hard to believe that the mom really needs to be that frantic and not wake her up.

But most of all, I really, really hate the stupid mom's stupid hair, which sticks out randomly on all sides in one of those looks that is supposed to look casual, but really just looks messy. And on such stupid little things are brand loyalties born and destroyed.


NYCGirl said...

The commercials I'm currently finding most annoying--

- The Nyquil (or is it Dayquil?)'blind rooster' commercial

- The Kia 'Maniac' commercial

- And, especially, the nauseating, "he went to Jared!" commercial. Gag.

Anonymous said...

Exactly! If that little girl did not wake up during a crash, she might be comatose. Maybe the mom should try waking her up. If that was a baby in a carrier I might be more inclined to believe that she doesn't want to wake her up, but a child that age shouldn't sleep through all that and need to be carried around.

MT, Alabama said...

I am so glad to hear you say you hate this, too! Those guys whispering drive me crazy and the little phone "I'll call you" sign makes me want to yell!

elle said...

I hate hate hate the Verizon Commercial with, "...With V-Cast!" high-pitched Dadvoice.

And that damn kid.

Ellie said...

I spend at least fifty percent of every commercial break frothing at the mouth. Much more now that the holiday commercials have started.

I agree strongly with nycgirl about the "He went to Jared!" commercials! OH MY GOD NO ONE CARES WHERE YOU GOT YOUR JEWELRY. And every time they come out with a new one, I think it's the worst one possible. Until the next one. Like, the one with the woman texting her friends from her date. Pay attention to your date, lady! And then they follow that with the ludicrous Dancing-with-the-Stars-pastiche.

I basically hate all jewelry commercials, really. And ones that tell you to buy someone a car for Christmas.

And OH MY GOD the K-Mart commercials with the anthropomorphic blue lightbulb. Ha ha, he said "Bratz," but the grandfather thought he said "Brats"! The worst was the one after Thanksgiving where he yells "Wake up!" and taps the screen. Augh! Screw you, lightbulb!

I have a lot of rage.

Liz said...

Two morons. Moron Wife runs the car over Moron Husband's foot and they go wailing to their insurance company that they don't know if they are covered under their homeowners insurance or their car insurance.

Regrettably, their insurance rep doesn't bellow (as I do), "It's your MEDICAL insurance!" and cancel their policy right then and there because Our Little Morons are obviously trying to commit insurance fraud.

thor said...

The Jared commercials are so terrible that I expect them to show up on YouTube and become cult classics. No one had a better idea for the name than Jared?

bigd said...

I also hate this commercial. Glad to see others agree. The whispering is just too much.